Miskawaan clinic

Miskawaan clinic

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At Miskawaan, we believe that you are the most important part of your health journey. When you come to Koh Samui, our team will make sure that your experience is as comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable as possible.

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Our doctors are highly trained in all areas of medicine, but they have a special focus on women’s health, hormonal imbalances and gastrointestinal disorders. Their specialty is helping patients who suffer from diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.


When you meet with one of our doctors for your consultation, they will take the time to learn more about you in order to get to the bottom of any issues you may be having. Using this information and their expertise in women’s health and cancer care, they will recommend one or several lab tests to confirm any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your symptoms.

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If necessary, they will prescribe treatments ranging from physiotherapy (which has been proven effective for many different conditions) to ozone therapy or our unique proprietary infusions that are prescribed based on the very specific needs of your body.


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